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Porsche 914 For Sale & Wanted

All Association members can place FREE "Wanted" or "For Sale" ads in this space. All items must be Porsche 914 related and not part of a commercial enterprise. The Association reserves the right to modify or reject any ad. Submit your email ad by clicking on the box below. Please include the following information in your ad submission (YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO POST AN AD):

Your name; Describe part; Cost; Where part is located; Shipping method & cost; Your contact information

For example:

1973 center console- no instruments, good condition; $175; located in West Cupcake, OH; will ship UPS $15 or you pick-up; David Smith email dsmith at or dsmith@wizzerdotcom or phone 789-326-7676 after 6PM EST.

(notice how to write/indicate your email address to avoid future spam)


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Remember: Porsche 914 Owners Association members can place FREE ads in each issue of MEV. If you have no longer needed 914 parts or cars, send us an ad for the next issue. If there is a part or car that you need, send in a “Wanted” ad. MEV is sent to Association members throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.