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A Brief Look Back On The Past 29 Years

The roots of the 914 Owners Association go back to 1978 when Larry Morris and a group of Porsche 914-6 enthusiasts got together to form the Porsche 914-6 Club USA in southern California. A few years later, in 1981, the 914 Owners Association was formed in Belton, Missouri. In the mid-1980s, the two groups realized that they had common goals, mutual members, and the potential to be the world's largest Porsche 914 organization if they joined forces.


Just being the biggest wasn't the main factor in the merger, however. The deciding factor was that the needs and interests of the members could be better served by blending the two groups together. As the world's largest 914 enthusiast group recognized by the Porsche company, the organization would have a better chance to influence decisions at Porsche, as well as aftermarket suppliers, regarding ongoing technical support, service, and parts for 914s. A common goal of both groups had always been to inform their members of the latest trends in the 914 market and also to share a wealth of 914 knowledge. The larger the group, the larger the collective knowledge base. Everyone benefitted. Information about the 914 has been shared through the publication Mid-Engined Views. All members receive quarterly copies packed with technical and historical information about the 914 and 914-6. Mid-Engined Views has evolved from a paper and ink publication into a full color digital publication that can be sent to members via the internet.


For those who like to get together with other 914ers, annual 914 Reunions have drawn members from across North America, Australia, and Europe. The three day annual events held throughout the United States have included tech sessions, car shows, banquets, rallies, and ample time for socializing and sharing 914 wisdom and adventures. Members appreciate the low key approach and return year after year to meet with Porsche Friends in unique locations around the country.


2006 marked the 20th anniversary of the Porsche 914 Reunion.