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  John Knittle has been an Association member for many years and takes great pride in his attention grabbing 914. John is a 'Car Guy' who owns and enjoys a variety of motor vehicles. But, his 914 holds a special place in his heart. Read his comments below.  

Just spent a weekend up at Cambria and was thinking back to the two 914 reunions that we had there. I remember the first one where we had the photo shoot session over at the school parking lot where we had a record number of cars. My wife and I were in our 32 Ford 2-dr sedan this trip and we took that drive out to Linn's Farmhouse where they have the little store with all the fruits and jellies. That road is not the same driving it in a 32 Ford Sedan as it is driving it in a Porsche 914. I really think, looking back, that the first reunion we had in Cambria was the best one. I will never forget how excited my son Mike and I both were when we pulled into Cambria and turned up the street that leads to the Cambria Pines Lodge. Your 914, then owned by Bud Hopkins, was sitting on the street in front of the Italian restaurant. Both Mike and I just about jumped out of our shoes at seeing it as it was absolutely gorgeous. We knew right then and there that the reunion was going to be a blast. I remember also the guy who brought his race cars in that big semi-truck and trailer. As I didn't have my car completed at the time, it was still under construction, I was able to bum a ride for both myself and my son for the poker run. My son ended up going with Mike English in his green 914 and I ended up going with a guy who owned one of the largest turkey farms in the state. He had just gone through a divorce and he had bought a 70 914 with a 3.2 liter six. His car was set up really well with all the right stuff as to the suspension. I will never forget when he said "watch this" as he punched it and headed into the first turn down the road past the school where we had the photo session. I thought my life was over!! But unbelievable as it was, that thing just went through that corner, and a number of others, like it was stuck to fly paper. I had never ridden in a car that handled like his. In fact, I don't think I have ever ridden in one like his since.

Yes, I still have my 914. I had a couple come and look at it when I had a weak moment and considered selling it, and after they had checked it out I told them they should go home and think about it first before buying. The next day they called and said they would take it at $14K. I then told them that I had changed my mind as to selling. They then said they would be willing to go $15K. I told them that if I ever did decide to sell it I would keep them in mind but that I just couldn't bring myself to let it go at the time. I sure does like my "Not So Basic Black 914".



Love of the 914 can be mixed with other automotive hobbies as evidenced by this article about longtime Association member Brian Clearihan of Melbourne, Australia. Over the years, Brian has shared many of his 914 adventures in the pages of Mid-Engined Views.