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The Porsche parts and service suppliers listed on this page have a long standing positive record with members of the Porsche 914 Owners Association and are highly recommended. They are leaders in the field and strive to help make Porsche 914 ownership a very pleasant experience.



Running Euro Style Carbs On Your 914?

Restoration services for Solex 40PII-4 Carburetors, solid and split shaft. Customization of your carbs: specialty sizing of venturis, also enlarging of the Solex throats to 42 and 44mm. Conversion of split shaft carbs to Solid shaft operation. Full carburetor restoration or throttle body only. Similar services available for Zenith 32NDIX. Visit our web site, or call us 928-204-0507


Pelican Parts: Great source for Porsche 914 parts and advice. Good record of customer satisfaction.


Stoddard Imported Cars, Inc: Super Porsche dealership connection for those hard to find parts. They like 914s and have a 914 parts catalog! If it's not listed on the web site, give them a call.

J.C. Taylor Insurance (Antique auto insurance)
800.345.8290 or 610.853.1300

Stuttgart Haus of Parts (New & used parts)
800.356.4379 or 704.664.4708

North Hollywood Speedometer (VDO Instrument Repair)

PartsHeaven (New & used parts)

Partick Motorsports (Performance parts)
602.244.0911 or FAX 602.244.0900

Otto's (Parts & Service)
310.399.3221 or FAX 310.399.9399

Additional Resources
Best Deal (Parts) 714.995.0081
Rod Simpson Hybrids (V8 conversions) 310.826.3304 or
Renegade Hybrids (V8 conversions) 909.307.2150 or
Part Werks of Chicago (New & used parts) 800.366.9147